Parental Access And Custody

Custody of the Children and each parent's access to them will be determined by the Court if the parties are unable to agree. The Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro provides thoughtful guidance and we encourage great effort be devoted to resolving such issues between the parties for several reasons, the first and foremost is for the benefit of the children and to remove them directly from further disruption of their lives and to refrain from drawing them into the Court process.
Our efforts devoted to mutually agreed resolution provides parents with greater control of:

-How their children will be raised
-Each party's responsibility
-How the parties will communicate

We establish a joint goal of supporting the children's growth, jointly celebrating their success, and precisely how to best support, participate and contribute to their lives.
It can also reflect to the children of a joint effort by each party to work together for their benefit and to act as an acknowledgment to the children that each parent understands how important the other parent is to the child.

When Litigation Becomes Necessary

Custody litigation is emotionally difficult and distressing to all concerned. While we encourage exhausting all possibilities for settlement for the benefit of the children, it is not always possible and we are experienced in taking such cases to trial. We have handled complex and difficult custody cases and always seek to ensure the full protection for the children in the process. We have extensive trial experience and advocate vigorously and meticulously.

We pride ourselves in our case preparation for trial and for every aspect of the case, including each time a case appears in Court. In custody cases this is especially essential.

We Provide Strategic Preparation and Client Participation in the Process

In all cases, strategic planning is our benchmark, as is our preparation. As a client you will be involved in every aspect of your case, decisions shall be made only with your participation and approval and you will be informed, advised of and prepared for each step taken.